Procedure: "How to make a French toast"

Recipe for French Toast

Material/Ingredients :
4 pieces of bread
1 spoon of sugar
2 eggs
A quarter of a cup of milk

Step By Step :
  • Before you start to cook, you have to read the recipe.
  • Now you can get ready. After you read the recipe, put everything on the counter.
  • When everything is ready, break the eggs, pour a quarter of the milk in the bowl, then add a small spoon of sugar. Mix the eggs, milk and sugar.
  • Next, put a piece of bread in the bowl with the eggs, milk and sugar. Turn over the bread.
  • Now, put some butter in the pan. Turn on the stove. When the pan is hot, take the bread out of the bowl and put it into the pan. After you cook one side of the bread, cook the other side. After you finish the first place of the bread, cook the other pieces. Now you have French toast!

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